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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 17, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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bullets fly in front of a busy san francisco mall. now the search is on for the shooter. what investigators are doing right now to track the gunman down. gun fire erupts at a shopping center in the middle of the day. what witnesses saw right before the shots rang out. plus, dense fog forces olympic officials to call off a pair of events today. we have full olympic coverage just ahead. and a live look outside this morning, it is presidents day, it's monday, february 17th, this is "today in the bay."
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well, good morning. 4:30 in the morning. i'm scott mcgrew. lots to get to but let's start with your forecast. christina, i know we want to look at live pictures of what's going on around the city today. no fog here, lots of it in the -- with the olympics. >> yeah, there is a ton out there. i can tell you right now taking this live look at san jose we've got a good looking day shaping up. a lot of people are in bed but if you're one of us, one of the few that have to get to work this morning i'm happy to be the one to tell you we gave mike the day off, traffic is so light. temperatures are starting in the 40s, we've got a great looking day and we're counting on the rain in the near future. so i'm going to time that out in a little bit. right now, scott, it's you and me and i wouldn't have it any other way. >> looking at the peninsula, there are no cars going through. may be just you and me for some
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time. thank you. police are looking at surveillance video hoping it's going to help find a person who shot a man outside the westfield mall. this happened last night near the intersection of market and powell. police say the gunman shot several victims -- shot one victim, correction, several times. then the victim who was not identified, stumbled down the escalator into the powell street b.a.r.t. station where he collapsed. while the suspect was making his get away people in the hall fled as well. >> it was real quick, bang, bang, then everyone scattered, they started running the direction i was going i turned around and people going run, people going in stores. >> there were other blocks that are close by that we know are less safe but being here in a high profile high traffic high value properties is a little more shocking. >> the powell b.a.r.t. station is up and running this morning. the victim's injuries are very
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serious. police do not believe this shooting was random. in san jose police looking for a man who shot two people in a crowded shopping center, it happened after 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday at the intersection of burdette drive and south king road. video shows the victims, a man and woman, trying to get away after they were shot. police say it was a drive-by shooting but some of the people we talked to said they saw the shooter standing in the plaza. >> usually when people get in an argument they like start screaming and yelling then you know, shoot afterwards. but this guy shot first, then started screaming afterwards. >> you heard him say a what? >> don't worry i know where you live at. >> police are looking for the shooter. they say he drove away in a tan 4-door sedan. san jose police asking for the public's help. they are searching for a suspect
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in a deadly hit-and-run crash, happened near capitol expressway and monterey road after 3:00 yesterday. they showed up to find a man in his 30s on the ground bleeding. he was pronounced dead soon after. witnesses said there was some kind of fight, then the driver took off. also this morning investigators trying to piece together information about a burned body near a park. crews say the body was still on fire when they arrived at the parking lot at the entrance to redwood regional park saturday night. police say the woman's body was burned beyond recognition, may be difficult to identify her. >> we're going to call it suspicious. we don't know if it's a homicide or something self-inflicted. we don't know. >> the coroner has not yet determined a cause of death. we don't know the victim's age either. >> palo alto police searching for a man wearing a strange
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disguise, he tried to rob a gas station at gunpoint at the 76 station at san antonio road near middlefield and 101. cashier said a man wearing a long curly wig walked up to the counter, pulled out a gun, demanded cash. the cashier refused and the suspect ran off. >> all right. to the olympics and the 2014 sochi games. this is a live look at the mountain cluster in sochi where most of the events are held and you can see some low hanging clouds out there in the distance. it's actually fog, it's dense enough at least two olympic events have been called off. there you really see. the men's snowboard cross finals, now postponed until tomorrow because of visibility problems. the men's biathlon was carried over, postponed again, now scheduled for tomorrow. the u.s. women's hockey team
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is taking to the ice now for a semifinal matchup against sweden. the puck will drop any minute now. the team usa clear favorite going into the semifinals. players say they are taking things one game at a time. >> we're concentrating on us and we're totally focused on us. obviously people have watched our practices the last couple days we've been going hard. we knew that coming into this we weren't going to glide through this. we were going to work and get better every day. >> this is practice that you're seeing here. the actual game is carried on one of our other nbc channels and we'll continue to watch it. the winner advances to the gold medal game against canada or switzerland on thursday. >> from the women to the men, overnight sensation t.j. oshie will be on the "today" show along side team goalie jonathan quick. oshie scored four goals in a shoot-out on saturday. that helped the usa take down russia, the performance shot
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oshie to fame. he gave nearly 150,000 on twitter. he said real heroes wear camouflage and i'm not one of them. on wednesday oshie and his american teammates play the winner of tomorrow's game between the czech republic and slovakia. the way the brackets are, the u.s. is on a course with canada. they will meet in the semifinals with the winner of that game going on to the gold medal game, and the loser playing for the bronze. >> as for competition today, a lot of eyes will be on american ice dancers meryl davis and charlie white. the pair set a world record with their score in the short program yesterday, the free dance will get under way in a couple of hours and they are in great position to bring home the gold. >> well, from ice dancing to women's figure skating we talk with gold medalist and bay area
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native kristi yamaguchi about san jose's polina edmunds. there are a lot of events at the olympics that happen while you are sleeping. we're going to air those events later today on tape. if you are one of those who can't wait we'll show you the winners. if you would rather wait until tonight to find out, close your eyes and wait for the music to end. >> you can look now. it's safe. you can catch all of the excitement here on nbc bay area starting this afternoon at 3:00, women's biathlon at 8:00, we have gold medal finals in ice dancing, men's freestyle aerial skiing and men's ski jumping. a holiday treat we got fresh
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powder in the sierra. the sierra got a fresh coat of snow this weekend during a storm. this is video from kirkwood. they reported up to nine inches of snow over the weekend. other resorts reported three inches of snow. that's good conditions for skiers and snowboarders. we checked a couple seconds ago. chains are not needed on highway 50 or interstate 90 over the summit. well, let's talk about your microclimate forecast. we have a live look at san francisco this morning. looking clear, moving south to the peninsula, there are a couple of cars on the road. we gave mike inouye the day off. you can see why. let's check the view from san jose. isn't that pretty. you can see the airport peeking there on the right side. let's check in with christina. good morning. >> good morning to you. the fact you can make out that airport beacon in san jose is a great thing. a lot of people are traveling today. and hey, maybe you have the day off, if you are one of the people who have to go to work,
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weather is going to be pretty nice. 43 in the east bay, south bay 44 to kick off your monday. i want to talk about what we're expecting. today will be one of the warmer days of the week b. 65 in the east bay, san francisco 59 and 63 degrees on the way to the north bay. we've got showers moving in to the bay area later this week and that means more snow on the way to tahoe. as you know we need the rain so let's bring it on. take you right to futurecast. stop that clock for you as we head throughout tuesday into wednesday that's when we expect the soupy conditions. shower activity at midnight on wednesday. mostly up in the north bay. the front is going to fall apart through the bay area, nonetheless we could pick up .1 inch of rain in the south bay, san jose area. we actually accumulated about .1 inch over the weekend. santa rosa about a half inch and yeah, we saw up to a foot of snowfall in tahoe with more on the way. so, we're talking about maybe an additional 6 inches of snow, not
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that great but i'm happy to tell you not our only chance of rain. we have another one closer to the weekend so we're watching two storms for this week. starting to feel more like spring and look that way as you notice the cherry blossoms, scott mcgrew. >> it's beautiful. a little early but beautiful. still ahead "today in the bay's" apple planning to buy tesla. we'll have that coming up. plus a plane hijacked by its own copilot. why he said he did it and the charges he faces. and bode miller breaking down after winning a bronze medal, why she defending the reporter who brought him to tears.
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it's a wondrous sensation of clarity and alertness... it's owning your opponent... it's knowing beyond a doubt "you got this"... it's keeping your head down, your eye on the ball, and knocking it out of the park... it's getting in the zone... it's keeping on your toes... on target... on top... focus is staring the world in the face and saying "bring it"... focus is power... focus is life... and 5-hour energy is focus.
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a mother and her four children died over the weekend when their car burst into flames in central california. the children's father was following in another vehicle near fresno. investigators say that the family was driving home in two separate vehicles from a birthday party when a car going 60 miles an hour ran a stop sign and hit the suv carrying the mother and her children.
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>> the vehicle immediately burst into flames somehow, which is kind of unique but the parties were unable to get out of the vehicle. it appears that the driver attempted to get out but didn't make it. >> the father was badly burned trying to rescue his family. the children ranged in age from 2 to 11. police say the woman who ran the stop sign is still in the hospital with serious injuries. >> two teens working on a high school science project were hurt after an explosion at a seattle home. the project apparently involved model rockets and police say there were reports of a loud explosion, the blast knocked out windows. both boys remain hospitalized in serious condition. inside the home police found more explosives including several homemade fireworks, bottle rockets and a sky rocket. >> an ethiopians pilot flew to seek asylum. the boeing took off bound for
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rome. investigators say copilot locked himself in the cockpit. he landed the plane in geneva, turned himself over to authorities. the man wanted asylum in switzerland because he felt threatened in his home country. now he faces a slew of charges carrying a prison sentence up to 20 years. >> speculation after reports that apple executives have been meeting with tesla's ceo elon musk. a source reports saying apple executives at the tesla plant in fremont less than two months ago and reports that musk met with apple officials in cupertino last spring around the time analysts suggested that apple might buy tesla. neither commenting. plenty are. some think that apple might be trying to expand outside of ipads and iphones.
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>> last fall musk talked about with plans to build a gigantic factory of lithium ion supplies for the cars. tesla considering building the factory in new mexico. >> so there you go. >> a lot of information there. how is your day going to shape up? some people as you mentioned before they are sleeping in. >> they are sleeping in and yes, you know what, we're not mad at you for it. we've got a good looking day shaping up for those of you who are already up. right now it's a little foggy, santa rosa not bad b. three miles visibility. we have 10 miles or better. as you travel around maybe trying to get a head start on sales and they are fantastic, i can tell you right now you want to give yourself extra time and take it easy out there. only at the coast, that's the only place we're finding the thick fog. if you have to be somewhere you don't want to let that slow you
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down. 49 in san francisco, east bay 43, 44 in the south bay. later on today a taste of the 60s, basically right on par with our average. 65 degrees in the east bay, 59 in san francisco, 63 degrees in the north bay. we did pick up pretty good rainfall over the weekend. almost a half inch in santa rosa. throughout the day we're not expecting showers but what will happen is tonight that fog will develop and we'll meet back tomorrow we expect to the be thick with that additional moisture. through tomorrow, about 65 for tuesday, then the rain moves in on wednesday and this is going to be kind of a wet day. we're looking good for thursday into friday, more rainfall on the way getting into this upcoming weekend. feeling a little more like spring as we get closer to the new season. still not bad with rain in the forecast and we're on the way this weekend. and we're still in our wet month so bring it on. back to you, scott and peggy.
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back now to our coverage from sochi. you know bob costas will be returning to the anchor desk today. he has been out for six nights while he recovered from a bad eye infection. he hosted 157 straight broadcast s. his spot was filled by matt lauer covering for costas and also hosting "today." meredith vieira filled in on friday and saturday t first woman to serve as the solo host of a prime time broadcast. >> bode miller tied for a bronze medal in the men's super g and then in tears during a post-race interview. after a turbulent year miller became the oldest medalist in olympic alpine history. he spoke with nbc's christin cooper after his run when asked several questions about his younger brother who died of a seizure last year at 29, miller
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eventually broke down, walked away from the interview into the arms of his wife. >> you are looking up in the sky at the start we see you there and it's just looks like you're talking to somebody. what's going on there? >> shortly after the interview the internet exploded in rage, many believing that cooper bombarded miller with questions in hopes of bringing him to tears. miller responded to the fans with a series of tweets defending the reporter saying my emotions were very, very raw, she asked me questions that every interviewer would v. pushing is part of it and she wasn't trying to cause pain. >> you feel for him though. he has been through a lot. one of the most popular events of the winter olympic games women's figure skating kicks off wednesday. >> american skater ashley wagner posted this photo on instagram with her is san jose's polina
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edmunds and gracie gold, the three at the draw, that determines the order that skaters will take the ice during competition. edmunds a sophomore at mitty in san jose. figure skating legend and bay area native kristi yamaguchi spoke with our janelle wang about the 15-year-old's chances of getting to the podium. >> i'm absolutely throwing polina in the mix. you know what, she's going to wow the audience as well. i think for sure she has a chance at top five and you never know what happens at the olympics, strange things can happen so podium is far-fetched but not impossible. >> she's no stranger to winning. after all she twirled into the olympic picture coming in second at the u.s. figure skating championships last month. >> cannot wait to see that. janelle wang will join us live from sochi in a few moments. any time we're not on air head
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to, click on the olympics tab where you can get up to the minute news along with exclusive video and pictures from the winter games. >> still ahead, "today in the bay," historic night on nbc tonight as jimmy fallon takes the reins as host of "the today show." he says he is feeling the pressure.
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>> welcome back. we gave mike inouye the day off and the reason being we think it's going to be pretty quiet
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out there on the roads as we look at the bay bridge approach there. pretty show. more people have walked on the moon than hosted "the tonight show." >> that's saying something. tonight does mark an historic moment as jimmy fallon becomes the sixth host of "the tonight show" in 60 years. >> "saturday night live" was his start. late night was his warm-up now jimmy fallon takes center stage, bringing the show back to its new york roots, his new set will be in the same studio where "the tonight show" spent its first two decades. >> doesn't get bigger than "the tonight show." this is the job of your lifetime. >> do you feel pressure? >> a little pressure. more excitement and i don't want to you know, i don't want to ruin something that means so much. i just want to -- i don't want to screw it up. >> that's natural. tune in for "the tonight show"
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starring jimmy fallon at a special time after the olympics, and our late news at midnight. next week jimmy will be back at "the tonight show's" regular time of 11:35. >> spring training in arizona this week all position players for the giants due to report tomorrow. first full squad workout is wednesday. but many players including pitchers and catchers are already there working out the off-season kinks. tim lincecum had his first bull pen session. he has not had a winning season since 2010. this year she looking to bounce back, even rented a small warehouse in his hometown of seattle and installed a portable mound to stay in shape. >> i was just going with what i felt out there. trying to keep the ball down in the zone and trying to look from there. everything else is kind of how i felt. >> he looked good. he's free and easy letting it go, which is what you expect
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from timmy. that's him. like a horse out of the barn, he just goes. >> i think grow the hair again. that's what it was. >> still to come, shots fired outside after popular bay area mall. >> a live look at the mountains in russia. take a look at the olympic flame. the big story at the sochi olympics, the weather, two events postponed because of poor conditions. it's knowing beyond a doubt "you got this"... it's keeping your head down, your eye on the ball, and knocking it out of the park... it's getting in the zone... it's keeping on your toes... on target... on top... focus is staring the world in the face and saying "bring it"... focus is power... focus is life... and 5-hour energy is focus.
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thick fog in sochi forcing olympic organizers to cancel a pair of events, we're live in russia with what happens next. >> and it's bob redell live in the south bay with a look at one of the more unusual sports being played out in sochi, yes, we're talking about curling. that story coming up. >> hope he doesn't pull anything out there. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. new week, new forecast. you can see fog not a factor
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here in san francisco, but rain is in the forecast. i'll tell you when that comes into the picture in moments. >> and a live look outside right now. it is monday, february 17th as we get things going at 5:00, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. laura garcia-cannon is off today. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. police are looking at surveillance video this morning hoping that they will be able to find the person who shot a man outside a san francisco mall. the shooting happened last night near the intersection of market and powell. christie smith is live in san francisco with the latest on the investigation. christie. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you. that's right, san francisco police tell us that they are looking at surveillance tape from the many stores up and down market street trying to find the shooter who ran off into


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